Nichelle Silver Torque Bangle STQB5


Silver Torque Bangle

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Sterling Silver Torque Bangle  Item STQB5: Product Description

The Sterling Silver Torque Bangle Item STQB5 is all about shimmer and shine. This unique piece of hand jewellery from our revolutionary collection is sure to make heads turn at a party. This shimmery piece of style statement oozes confidence and is perfect for both professionals and youngsters who have the taste for the unique and exquisite.

Keep your night out with friends minimal yet uber-stylish with this perfectly handcrafted silver torque bangle. Designed for effortless everyday accessorizing.

Sterling Silver Torque Bangle  Item STQB5: Product Specification

The Sterling Silver Torque Bangle is made of sterling silver and comes in beautifully designed boxes. This makes it for a perfect gift item.  Our Sterling Silver Torque Bangle also possesses the hallmark of authenticity.